10 Questions To Ask A Guy When Dating To Make Sure He’s Right For You

When you’re dating someone, it’s your opportunity to get to know him as best as you can. To do this, you have to inquire about a few things and you have to learn who he is from the answers he gives.

If you’re unsure, here are 10 important questions to ask a guy when dating.

1. What do you do for a living?

You can find out if he has his dream job, if he is passionate about what he does and how he sees his current situation as a whole.

2. What was it like growing up?

Many of our behavior and habits are rooted in our childhood experiences. The more you learn about his childhood, the better you’ll understand him.

10 Questions To Ask A Guy When Dating To Make Sure He's Right For You Zumi.ng

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3. What books/movies/music do you like?

This is one of the important questions to ask a guy because you get to find out the things you have in common.

4. Are you a drinker/smoker?

Guys don’t usually offer this information from the get-go and it may be too late by the time you realize you’re not on board with his drinking/smoking habit.

5. What do you do for fun?

How does he spend his free time? This is where you find out about his hobbies and the things he enjoys.

6. What does your ideal relationship look like?

You don’t want to be shocked if you realize too late that his idea of the perfect relationship is different from yours.

7. What’s the best thing a significant other has ever done for you?

Here you learn what makes him feel loved and cherished. Definitely one of the questions to ask a guy.

10 Questions To Ask A Guy When Dating To Make Sure He's Right For You Zumi.ng 

8. What’s the worst thing a significant other has ever done to you?

You learn about his limits. And a little bit about how he handles pain.

9. What does your perfect day look like?

If yours involves sitting home with a good book and his has to do with hanging out with friends and partying, you may want to consider it a difference between you both. He may be more extroverted (or otherwise) than you’re comfortable with.

10. What ended your last relationship?

This is a tough one for two reasons. One, he may not want to open up and two, he may answer dishonestly. You can shelf the topic if he’s not comfortable talking about it. It’s also a good idea to bring it up again at a later date to be sure he isn’t lying. People who lie tend to get their stories mixed up when asked the same questions again and again.

To make sure you have everything covered, here are four mistakes to avoid when dating for marriage.

What are the other important questions to ask a guy when dating? Share your suggestions below.

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