Egberi Papa: ‘why Atiku Will Win Buhari Landslide At The Presidential Election’


Hon. (Amb) Sobomabo Jackrich JP, who’s popular known as Egberi Papa 1 has thrown his weight on PDP Presidential Candidates, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to win the forthcoming Presidential Election landslide.

The Egberipapa Leadership Foundation (ELF) founder, who is the Director General of the South South Alliance for Atiku, recently tweeted recently and said: “Atiku possesses divine People’s Leadership Qualities. It is obvious that he’s the People’s President going by what is payed down in his Policies. Atiku will win the 2019 Elections landslide.”.

The Kalabari Leader who is the founder of ‘Network For Defense of Democracy and Good Governance (NDDGG)’ claims that there’s no way the APC can rig the 2019 elections, as the PDP is ensuring it block all necessary loopholes that’ll induce rigging.

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