Fans react as Tekno releases new song despite struggling with damaged vocal cord


Augustine Miles Kelechi popularly known by his stage name Tekno had a lot of his fans worried when it was announced that he was suffering from damaged vocal cords. Tekno has earned a reputation of being one of the ‘gbedu’ makers in the Nigerian music industry and hearing such news was completely heartbreaking for fans who haven’t heard much from him in a while.

On December 6 however, things started looking up when he announced that he will be dropping new music. Many fans immediately reacted showing care for his health and wondering if he’s strong enough to thrill them with his music talent as usual.

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Luckily, the 25-year-old believes ‘everything gone be alright’ and has used that mantra in pushing himself to deliver to his fans who will most likely be swaying to the beat of his melodious new single titled On You.

Although it was a tough to watch the musician struggle especially when he tweeted that he’s been going through a lot of difficulty. It is also known that he recently became a father and everyone understands that parenting is no joke.

However, it was good news for his followers and fans when he announced new music will be released. It showed his dedication to his craft and knowing he’s a talented singer, everyone expects this new song to top the charts in no time.

Caring fans immediately reacted to his announcement. While most were thrilled some wanted to know how he was feeling and if he’s strong enough to deliver.

Here are some reactions below:

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