How To Escape Bad Marriage


Please don’t ignore this godly counsel as a Christian. Before you would agree to settle with a man you need to ask yourself some important questions. Feelings and emotions deceive.

Bad marriage is a flat tyre to your destiny. You may YES to a young happily but you will sweat profusely to get out of it. Ask yourself these questions….
1. Does this man knows his roles in my life and destiny?
2. A man that can off me naked before marriage, may leave me naked after wedding?
3. Can he train me to my height of destiny?
4. Do I really know my roles in his destiny?
5. Who will I blame if the marriage didn’t work?

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6. Does he understand the peculiarities and demands of manhood?
7. Can I submit my destiny to this man?
8. Will I not become a shadow of myself after wedding?
9. What has changed in my life since we met?
10. Does he understands God’s purpose for his life?

11. Did God truly speak to this man about me?
12. Did I not enter this relationship through the wrong of sexual appetites, lucre and sensual feelings and emotions?
13. How has he a been blessing to other women in his life?
14. Has dealt with the Goliaths in his life?
15. Will I not become an unfortunate wife in his home?

16. Can I submit to his tyrannical attitude?
17. Can I submit to his promiscuity?
18. Can I submit to his visionlessness?
19. Can I submit to his planlessness?
20. Can I submit to his carnality?

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