We have all had heartbreaks. (well, most of us have) This has nothing to do with obeying the rules of the game or being a good person, one way or the other, it will still happen.

Not every heartbreak leads to a breakup. Sometimes it is just a heavy feeling of disappointment. What it will eventually turn out to be will rest on how it is handled. Some people have recovered so well from
heartbreaks that it seems their whole success story owes its origin to the heartbreak. For others, it has been the beginning of the end.

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People will tell you to be strong like it is easy. Sorry, it is not. So if you feel like crying, please do. When you are done crying, I mean that point when the people trying to calm you down have all had enough and gone, when you are all alone, you need to have a discussion with yourself. This discussion might just save your life. You need to tell yourself where you are coming from, where you thought you were going to, you need to remember who you were before you met the person gone then compare that to who you are today. If it is better then you have a reason to keep going, if it is worse then you also have a reason to keep going on.

If your life was better before you met the person that just left you, it is a blessing as the exit of the person will give you the opportunity to return to the better person you used to be. If your life was worse before you met the person, the exit of that person becomes your independence, the point where you are solely responsible for who/what you are without anyone else sharing in the glory of it.

It may not be easy initially as you will miss the participation and involvement of the person in every step you take but each subsequent step makes it better. You were born to function first as a single unit then as a member of a larger community, that is reason enough for you to rediscover your ability to do that.

The person over whom you are depressed has moved on to better things. While you are not in a competition, it will not be a bad idea to get better too.

Finally, what’s all the fuss about? there are a million people out in the world who would make for better replacements. Every disagreement is a chance to get better in a relationship but when splits happen then the breakup becomes a chance to jump several steps in upgrade.

Get up and put your energy back on, a better you awaits

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