Reasons To Be REAL To Your Partner In Relationship/Marriage


 No perfect relationship/marriage ever. Every relationship is a combination of enjoyment and endurance.

No strong relationship/marriage without a misunderstanding between both partners, but its sustainability depends on tolerance and understanding of both parties. Lack of these prolong reconciliation if not breakup/divorce.

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Scratches and in differences are normal phenomenon in relationship/marriages since both are not from the same parent, environment, background nor received the same training from the tutor in the school of thoughts.

Never give up on each other, but understand and tolerate each other. Remember, every man/woman is handsome/beautiful only at a distance but when drawn closer, the spots are revealed…

No Saint Obi neither Virgin Mary. No flawless relationship since there is no flawless man/woman, except you want to test every man/woman including your siblings and parents. Build your man/woman, there no already-made human.

Every is rough but it takes you as a Carpenter to sandpaper, polish and showcase him/her as your own man/woman. Love unconditionally, then you’ll never regret unnecessarily! I stand corrected without destructive criticisms!!!

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