Relationship advice you need to stop following


In a world where everyone has become a relationship expert, it’s easy to be misled.

Here are five relationship advices you should stop following for the sake of your relationship:

1. Love is all you need

Let no one lie to you that love is everything you need in that relationship. It is very important but it is not all you need for a successful relationship. In fact, some experts say that respect is better than love since couples are able to stay together with respect even without love. You will also need money to pay your bills. So, love is not everything.

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2. Be silentAlways speak up without fear of intimidation (onelucian)

 Most elderly people will advise you to remain silent before acting and just watch things unfold. This advice has been passed by time and you cannot afford to keep quiet when you feel that the relationship is not going well. Speak up and do not be intimidated because after all, your happiness should come first.

3. Don’t have s*x too soon

People will tell you that having s*x with someone you are dating too soon means you are cheap or are just interested in s*x. However, both of you are adults and should make an independent decision on when to have s*x. So long as you both agree, third parties should have no say.

4. You need to change your partner

If your partner has a bad temper, do not be deceived that you can change them. People do not just change and you cannot change a person unless they are willing to change. If you love the person, be prepared to accept them with all their flaws. If they change, good for you.

5. If it’s not easy, it’s not meant to be- Couple mad at each other (blog.foresters)

 No relationship is perfect and fighting does not mean that you cannot be together. Even the relationships you envy most today have been through rough times before they became what they are today. Just learn to settle your differences every time you fight instead of quitting.


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