This Is Your Week of Mercy & Favour {YELAKEM Wishes You Happy New Week}


 I pray for you this new week, No one will replace you on your day of glory. You will never lack any good thing. You will never be mocked. You will not lose focus neither will you lose direction.You will attain your goals in life. Your ambition shall not be scuttled. Your inheritance shall not be given to another person. You will not labour in vain.The mercy of God shall locate you. His joy shall reside with you and His praise shall fill your mouth. You will triumph over all your life challenges in Jesus mighty name.


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Beloved The Power that brought Lazarus out of the grave will protect you, The Power that uphold the Universe shall be real in your life, His mercy shall avail for you, His glory will radiate upon you and your household and you shall be satisfied with His goodness. For the rest of this year and beyond, the agenda of your adversaries shall not see the light of the day, your life will attract uncommon favour, every mountain before you shall become plain, you will pursue, overtake and recover. As you rise up this morning The Lord shall remember you for good, men shall attend to you and you shall greatly increase in The Mighty Name of Jesus. 


There is no door that mercy of God cannot open. It opened Batholomew’s blind eyes, opened Elizabeth’s barren womb, opened the Red sea for the Israellites and terminated 430years of slavery. As you rise up this day, all Angels of help and Mercy shall rise up and work for you. Every door of blessings, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity, Salvation and every good thing shut against you shall be opened in Jesus mighty name I pray

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