Yelakem Teaches Guys How To Prepare Nigerian Jollof Rice


I decide to walk into the kitchen and prepare jollof rice from scratch to finish.  Also thought it necessary to document all stages for my fellow guys who may not know how to cook; You all can learn from this free tutorial.

First off I’l list all ingredients i used. You can use more or less, but have it in mind that the outcome of your jollof rice depends on the ingredients used to prepare it and at what point they were added.

(1) 3 cups of rice or more
(2) chicken(or fish)
(3) 1 big ball of onion
(4) ginger and garlic
(5) pepper
(6) fresh tomato(or tin ones)
(7) crayfish
(8) normal food spices
(9) seasoning powder( i used knnow cubes)
(10) Salt to taste
(11) 2 fingers of plantain
(12) vegetable oil
(13) curry powder (or leaves)

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Now wash your meat and place on fire. Add seasoning cubes, salt, curry, onion and thyme.

While it cooks, blend ur tomato and pepper together and pour into another pot. Then place over fire to steam and reduce water content.


When water in the paste is fully dry, you add some vegetable oil into the paste(tomato and pepper). Allow to fry while you stir constantly to avoid burning. When it is fully fried and looks like it’s starting to burn, add some stock from the boiling meat, stir while you continue to add more stock, until the whole stock goes into the tomato paste. Pour the meat into the paste that has turned to stew by now and leave to cook


Blend your ginger and garlic and add to the boiling stew. Add onion, more salt to taste, more seasoning cubes if you need to, crayfish etc

Place your white rice on the fire and allow to per boil for say 15 minutes (the trick here is not to allow the rice overcook, if you do, it would not turn out nice)

When rice is per-boiled, bring it down and turn content into a sieve. Drain all water out, add more clean water, wash off more starch from rice and return rice into empty pot

Bring the pot or frying pan of boiling stew down from fire and turn content into the pot of just washed rice. Turn it a little and place on fire to cook until water is dry and rice is soft(please don’t turn while on fire to avoid burning before rice is done)

When rice is dry and cooked, mix content together to make all ingredients go even.

That’s it guys, your Nigerian jollof is ready (at least mine).

You can add fried plantain to go with it if you wish. Meat can also be fried, but i chose not to

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